Political Use Policy




Stuart’s Vintage Radio Broadcasting is global broadcaster. We currently market to the English speaking working as listed in on https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/international/english-speaking-countries.


The political broadcasting rules in these nation can very greatly and we are not prepared to nor do we have the capacity to learn and follow these rules nation by nation. Moreover listeners from across the Globe are not interested in listening to political campaigns from a nation that they do not reside in.


Because of this, we have created this policy in order to respect or Global audience and to prevent localisation of our station.


Equitable Use


The United States and Canada require Equitable access to political parties and candidates. For our purpose we consider not providing any air time political parties and candidates as equitable because we can not guarantee that our listener-ship is in a position to even vote for a political party or candidate because of our global audience.


Political Ads.


Stuart’s Vintage Radio Broadcasting prohibits ads that include the following:

-Circulate petitions

-Promote participating in opinion polls

-Encourage Demonstrations

-Fund-raise for political organisations

-Solicit votes or contributions to political parties or candidates

-Endorse a political candidate or ballot issue

-Address issues considered to be of local merit

-Originates from a political party or candidate


News and Editorials


Stuart’s Vintage Radio Broadcasting only broadcasts news that is considered of international merit as determined by our news providers.


Stuart’s Vintage Radio Broadcasting only releases editorials deemed to be of international merit that is published by our news providers.


Stuart’s Vintage Radio Broadcasting does not publish or produce news or editorials internally and will only Broadcast news and editorials from news providers of international merit.